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Heat treatment of steel

KUHLER is specialised in in heat treatment of quality steel and engineering steel. Our service spectrum covers different kinds of heat treatments. We temper and anneal steel bars, steel tubes, steel profiles and forgings with a maximum length of 7 meters and an operating weight of up to 15 tons.

Quenching and tempering with precision

Quenching and tempering refers hardening with subsequent tempering at high temperatures. A high level of knowledge and experience is necessary to achieve the preferred material properties for various steels.

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Annealing with strategy

Annealing is a very diverse sub area of ​​the heat treatment. In the course of the varying annealing processes, the microstructures and mechanical properties of the steels are altered. The annealing can on the one hand, simplify enhance processing, e.g. by machining and cold forming processes. It can on the other hand however also reduce the internal stresses in the material or renormalize prior microstructure changes.

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Methodical straightening

Steel rods and tubes are after the heat treatment and the associated unavoidable delay, precisely straightened to meet the required tolerances for further processing. With the help of modern machinery, but also based on the feeling and the visual inspection of the parts straighteners, we hereby reach the highest straightening accuracy of up to 1/1,000 mm.

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Testing with foresight

Quality is for us only comprehensive when we ourselves conduct the testing and provide the confirmation. This is done in our own test laboratory. In addition to the normal hardness testing we offer a variety of supplementary testing options.

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Quality is our highest good and the basis of our performance for you, because in order to achieve quality and precision in the heat treatment, you entrust us with your work parts. This issue is to this end at the centre of our actions already since the inception of the company.

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