Heat treatment of steel

Hermann Kuhler in Remscheid specialises in the heat treatment of steel bars, tubes and forgings.

Our range of services covers the most diverse heat treatment types. We temper and anneal steel bars, steel tubes, steel profiles and forgings up to 7 metres in length and with a usable weight of up to 15 tonnes. The maximum usable furnace space is 7000 x 1400 x 650 mm.

Dimension ranges:

  • Round steel
    20 – 650 mm rd.
  • Square steel
    80 – 650 mm vkt.
  • Pipes
    100 – 650 mm AD
  • Discs / firing parts
    ≤ 3000 x 1400 x 400 mm

Heat treatments:

  • Quenching and tempering (+QT)
  • FP annealing (+FP)
  • Normalizing (+N)
  • Tempering (+T)
  • Soft annealing (+A)
  • GKZ annealing (+AC)
  • Stress relieving +SR

Quenching and tempering

Hardening and tempering at higher temperatures for specified strengths with the highest possible toughness.


Annealing is the generic term for various heat treatment processes such as normalising, soft annealing or stress relieving.


Bar steel and tubes are straightened according to customer specifications to meet the straightness tolerances for further processing.

Quality and Retraceability

Quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Since 1996, we have been working with a quality management system that defines the systematic planning, control and monitoring of processes and measures in production and organisation. This enables us to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers and our own organisational goals.