Passion for the refinement of steel


We quench and temper steel products such as steel bars, steel tubes, steel profiles, forgings and flame-cut parts. These products are used in various industries and are characterised by high strength and, depending on the material, also with high toughness.

We are specialized

  • Heat-treatable and case-hardened steels according to DIN EN ISO 683
  • Structural steels according to EN 10025

Dimension ranges

  • Furnace sizes – polymer and water quenching
    1400 x 700 x 6800 mm – max. 15t
  • Furnace size – oil and water quenching
    1200 x 400 x 6200 mm – max. 5t

Other materials on request.


We offer various common annealing processes. These are processes in which the input materials are heated through to a specific temperature and held. Cooling then takes place in controlled furnace cooling or in air. Depending on the process, the annealing treatments produce specific structural properties and mechanical characteristics.

Common annealing methods

  • Normalizing
  • FP annealing
  • Stress relieving
  • Soft annealing
  • Spheroidization
  • TH annealing

Gas-fired batch furnaces without protective gas atmosphere.

Dimension ranges

  • Furnace size – air or furnace cooling
    – 1400 x 700 x 6800 mm – max. 15t


Steel bars and tubes are precisely straightened after heat treatment and the inevitable distortion that comes with it, in order to meet the desired tolerances for further processing.

Highest straightening accuracies up to 1/1,000 mm

Dimension ranges

  • rolling machines
    20 – 120 mm rd.
  • Hydraulic gag press
    80 – 250 mm rd. / vkt. /AD

How do we judge?

  • Round steel with rolling machines and gag presses
  • Square steel with gag presses
  • Tubes with gag presses